Welcome to Sweden!

!!!! New email address: info@bayne.se

And a new homepage for Bayne Genealogical Research!
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You want to find about your Swedish ancestors. They left Sweden a long time ago and now you want to find out more, find out exactly where they came from so you can visit or find living relatives. Or maybe you want photos taken or a document translated from Swedish. 

Have you been thinking about expanding your genealogical research by doing a DNA test? And maybe you have questions. Or you just want to get started. Do by all means but make sure that you have the correct information as you proceed. I am here to help you.  

I live in Skåne directly south of Småland, so well known for its poverty stricken and downtrodden masses with no other solution than to leave family and friends to start a new life in America.

Looking forward to finding your Swede.