The Regional Archives

Possible research choices
- Find/identify family and parish/place of residence in Sweden.
- Documentation showing who can be found and where, looking at a larger family picture or going further back/forward in time according to agreement. 
- Photos from village/houses of interest, church from places of interest.
- A list of interesting places for you and your family to visit should you plan to come to Sweden. 

Fees and expenses
My current hourly rate is SEK 650 (from January 1st 2017) including Swedish tax. About 50-60% of my time is devoted to research and document analysis and the remaining time is spent documenting and preparing the report. Travel time is charged at 50% of the current hourly rate plus actual fuel expense.
Ordering documents from the Swedish Tax Agency are free of charge but a service fee according to the hourly fee will be charged.
Ordering documents from the Regional Archives cost SEK125 per record (their fee) and an additional service fee will be charged at   

On-site research
If your project requires me to make an on-site visit the terms for this are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

DNA research using Family Tree DNA
If you have tested via Family Tree DNA and need help administrating your matches. See separate tab for more information.

I do translations from Swedish to English and vice versa. Genealogical documents as well as IT related documents.