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Genealogical research to write the family chronicle
"I paid Christina Bayne to do some research for me in March 2016. I was very pleased with her work. She found a key document--from Denmark, no less--which no one else found. (Americans think that and Family Search cover all bases. Not true!) Her input was more than just combing databases and finding documents. She suggested new avenues to explore, which turned out to be quite interesting. Christina has a genuine interest, drive, and intuitive understanding of genealogy that elevates her above a robotic "search engine." I have learned that paying a professional genealogist to go the "extra mile" is worthwhile. Christina is exemplary in that regard." 
 - Diana Walstad, USA


Genealogical research to write a historical novel
Anna Laestadius Larsson is a journalist and has worked for, amongst others, Swedish newspapers such as Aftonbladet and SVT (Swedish television). Her debut as an historical novel writer started with the book "Barnbruden" (2013), followed by "Pottungen" (2014) and "Räfvhonana" (2015).
Her next book, to hit the book shops in May 2017 is about Hilma af Klint, called "Hilma - en roman om gåtan Hilma af Klint"

I have had the pleasure of helping Anna with a little genealogical research for her coming book about Hilma as well as the next one to come at some point in the future.